Your Questions

What are the Ciné-ma différence film shows ?

These film shows are open to everyone, disabled and non-disabled, in ordinary movie theaters, but with specific adjustments so that less ordinary and even extraordinary persons can also attend and feel welcome. The purpose is that all spectators, whoever they are, whatever their difficulties, their fears, their excitement, or their means to communicate their emotions – should enjoy the movies like anyone else, not in separate shows , but in friendly shows where all can meet without fear of being looked at.

For whom are you setting this up ?

For children, teenagers, adults with autism or multiple disabilities, or more generally, persons whose disability induces behavioral disorders. People who happen to speak aloud (for those who speak), to laugh or to clap hands when they are happy, to scream when they are scared, to move all over the place, to jump on their seat, to touch the hair or scarf of the lady sitting in front …… In short, persons who are not welcome at all in a cinema (not to mention in a concert, theater, library, etc.) and who are actually excluded from it.

But they won’t understand ?

Of course they do ! Being « different » does not prevent from appreciating the movies a lot, if you are given the opportunity without making you feel how much you are weird, you misbehave, you disturb, shortly that you are not welcome. The pleasure experienced by our audience is visible.

What are the special features of a Ciné-ma difference film show ?

First of all, the friendly welcome by volunteers who are familiar with this audience and remain present during the show. Also, the information provided at the entrance and just before the film begins so that every spectator, ordinary or extraordinary, should be aware that it is a Ciné-ma difference show and understand its rules. Finally, two precautions : the lights are turned off progressively, and the sound is reduced.

Your shows must be chaotic !

Not at all. Ciné-ma différence shows are often more quiet than any show for children or abled teenagers … From the moment our unique spectators feel welcome instead of being rejected, and their accompanying persons do not have the feeling of being the central focus and perceive that « at this show, we are the norm ! », everybody relaxes and peaceful shows can take place.

So you show only cartoons ?

Not at all. We favor a very diversified program, adapted to the diversity of the audience (age, interests, disabilities) so as to implement their access right to culture and to enjoy movies. Taking into account certain constraints (length, French version) our choice is focused on the quality of the films. We show animated films, action films, comedies, and alternate between recent films and more classical ones, but with a special attention for the rhythm (films which are too fast, filled with allusions and second order hints, are avoided ….) and the sound. It is not our intention to underestimate our audience nor to patronize them : they appreciate a wide variety of films and we are regularly surprised.

Your shows are fine, but not for my son (daughter) : he (she) is too difficult, too agitated, you don’t know how much ! And besides, he (she) does not like movies …

Believe us, we do not underestimate the difficulties and we know, for having been through the same experience, that recreations which were to be enjoyable often turn into painful experiences and that people gradually give up. Moreover, sometimes people anticipate that their own child will be more disturbing than others. It is precisely because we know this and because we have experienced this ourselves that we have created Ciné-ma différence. At Ciné-ma difference film shows, the main difficulty is to dare the first attempt. Once you are seated, nobody is judged or evaluated. The rules of the game are adapted : everyone has the right to enter the hall very slowly (even if it takes 30 minutes, ) and if it is too difficult to remain seated , to sit up or go out (with a parent) and to come back, and the right to express their emotions by their own means. This gives everyone time to get acquainted so as to be able to enjoy the movies.

We do not mean to say that it is magic : but it works.

Come and try it yourselves : Cinema is for everyone !

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