Words from movie-goers or volunteers

Words from French movie-goers or volunteers (translated into English !).

Jane, Paris : We immediately liked the idea. We thought we were already “lucky” to be able to bring Thomas,11 years old with Angelman syndrome, regularly to the cinema with everything going well. Well, I say “with everything going well”, even though we spent the entire projection holding him to stop him from getting up, and moving around. We have to continually stop him from making noise and when children look back at him and then make comments it brings me down for at least three days. /…/ At this Cine-ma difference show, we simply watched the film. We were not worried and it was a moment of pure pleasure. Even our daughter who usually suffers from other people’s reactions, really appreciated it.

Sylvie, Paris : It is so important that all our children have the opportunity to participate to the same social activities, whether they are different or not. My son Grégoire, a 16 years old teenage autist, came to his first movie with his father. Everything was OK. He only got up loudly 3 or 4 times and then calmly went back to his seat.

First showing in Grand-Quevilly : It was unbelievable to see the interest many people had for the screen. Most of them were very concentrated and seemed to take pleasure from the film (laughs, smiles, relaxed behaviour…). What an experience to let everyone express themselves without constraint, without fearing others’ reactions nor bothering one’s neighbours !!! Finaly no one, I think, was completly indifferent. Some looked at the screen from an angle, very few didn’t look at it at all. A few got up, but they always went back to their seat to finish watching the film. Everyone was able to benefit from the show at his own rhythm, according to their capacities, and all of them surprised us. What a magical experience! I believed a lot in that project but I hadn’t expected that so many among those who were present would be captivated by the seventh art.

Anne Sophie, Paris : I went to see Mowgli this morning with my seven years’ old autistic son, and I would like to thank you for this pleasant time. At last, for the first time in his life, he was able to watch a whole movie, from beginning to end, in his own way, without the tears of shame forcing us to leave the movie prematurely.

First showing in Forcalquier : We have been able to measure the satisfaction of an entire audience that has very few occasions to go to the movies, and was amazed to be able to follow the film until the end !

Philippe, Paris : Marine loves increasingly going to the movies. It is remarkable how she can stay concentrated and relaxed with diverse films. Before Ciné-ma différence, I would never have imagined that!

Dictated to his dad by Rémi, Paris : For Fantasia the film was all damaged at the beginning. But at the second show, except for the beginning, it was okay. There was some chinese dancing, a russian dance[…]. It was GREAT! It was really nice Fantasia. That’s all.

Mrs M., living 80 km from Besançon : Dimitri had great fun watching the film. He was won over and his smiles showed his happiness (he doesn’t speak at all) and he proved his satisfaction by his very own behaviour. It was the first time he went to the movies… at the age of 20 ! We never dared to bring him together with other people, fearing their reactions. But we have discovered that he could behave, for two hours, in a movie theatre, among other people, disabeled or not.

Agnès, member of the audience Paris : I wanted to thank all of your team to have make it possible for my son Kevin and myself to finally watch a film in a cinema toghether, without being gripped by fear. I was very moved at the end of the film Horton and collapsed crying, when I realised that at last we had made it, thanks to you ! It took me a long time to make up my mind but I finally took the step.

Estelle, volunteer, first showing in Nantes : This show answered a huge need. How many parents explained to me in the line that they had never been to the movies since their child was born. Fearing others’ reactions, impatient remarks from other people in the audience, maybe unintentional but always hurtful… The accounts I collected before the beginning of the film gave, I think, even more strenghth to this afternoon.

Cécile, Paris : I wanted to thank you for this morning’s show. For the organisation, the warm welcoming and for the attention of the volunteers. For the simple and proper way to present the specificity of this show. My son Pierre was delighted by the film (he has a passion for dogs). What a chance to see him in such excellent mood. To be for once welcomed and not tolerated.

Joëlle, organiser, Nantes: A disabeled adult had come to the first show so stressed and terrified that I thought it would be difficult to overcome so much fear. So many emotions to see her come back to other show with a smile on her face ! A single person is enough to justify a Ciné-ma différence show !

Véronique, Paris : We discovered Ciné-ma différence and we went to a show 6 months ago with my 16 years old son Hugues. There was a long way to go, he was scared of the dark, of the noise, as well as of movies he didn’t know, and couldn’t sit still for long… He is now an eager movie-goer!