What is Ciné-ma différence ?

Going to the cinema : a very common leisure for most, but for some it is quite impossible or it becomes a painful and humiliating experience…

Going to the cinema : a very common leisure for most, but, for some, it is quite impossible or it turns into a painful and humiliating experience. Ciné-ma difference makes it possible to go to the cinema for people who are deprived of it because of their disabilities, and offers pleasant and lively film experiences, where people are welcomed as they are. Thanks to a friendly welcome by trained volunteers and information provided to all persons present in the theater, disabled and non disabled persons can share the pleasure of a movie.

Access to the cinema

The most popular and familial cultural leisure activity is actually denied to autistic persons, persons with multiple disabilities, or disabled persons with behavioral disorders.
At the first misplaced applause, “strange” cry or laugh, disapproving looks, followed by often aggressive comments, drive rapidly to the exit any family daring to go out together in a public place with a child, teenager or adult with this type of disability.
Ciné-ma difference wishes to remedy this social exclusion by enabling access to cultural leisure activities for people who have been excluded so far. Our film shows are open to everyone : disabled people AND non disabled people. Each person is greeted so as to feel welcomed and respected as they are. Young people remain under the responsibility of their parents or accompanying persons.

Our Goal

To make it possible for all people, whatever their difficulties, their means of communicating their emotions, to share the leisure of a movie show with their families like everyone else, not in specific separate shows, but in friendly shows where one can meet other people without fear of other people’s reactions.
By simple adaptations of the welcoming conditions, it is possible to enable people with such disabilities to access the cinema, and their pleasure is visible at each show.

How does it take place ?

People are welcomed and surrounded by trained volunteers,

  • Disabled people can
    • Express their emotions by movements, words, sounds …. without fear of angry looks and disapproving remarks;
    • Become familiar with the rules of a theater.
  • Friends and families can
    • Share a leisure moment without fear of disturbing, nor having to leave the place humiliated after a short while,
    • And , above all, realize that “it is possible” !
  • The other spectators can
    • Become aware of an ordinary exclusion they often ignore,
    • Meet disabled people in a cultural leisure context.

Ciné-ma difference is a non-profit organization

It contributes to the awareness of the exclusion of disabled people with behavioral disorders , from leisure and cultural activities, which many people consider useless for such disabled people because of the importance of their disability or because it seems too difficult to set up. Ciné-ma difference wishes to raise the awareness of the political and cultural players, as well as the general public, so as to achieve indepth modification of access to culture and leisure.