The Ciné-ma différence Charter

Ciné-ma différence is a non-profit association, which aims to improve disabled people’s access to leisure activities and the arts through the movies and all other means or types of culture or recreation. Ciné-ma différence wants to make access to the arts and the movies both easier and more pleasurable for people with autism or complex special needs or, more broadly, a disability with behavioural difficulties. This makes it possible for them to attend a film with their family or friends in an ordinary cinema, with ordinary cinema-goers. The Ciné-ma différence film shows are therefore ordinary picture shows that are adapted to make them accessible to this often excluded audience and also enjoyable for all other cinema-goers.

General principles of the Ciné-ma différence film shows

  • The film shows are held at weekends and are open to everyone : disabled and non-disabled people ;
  • Spectators are welcomed in such a way that they feel comfortable and respected with regard to their singularity ;
  • During the film, the rights of spectators to express their emotions are recognised, each in their own way, with their own means of communication.
  • Each person’s right to access the arts and the pleasure and going to the movies is respected through diversified programming, adapted to a varied public in terms of age, interests and disabilities, without patronising ;
  • Ciné-ma différence belongs to the field of leisure and culture, since its vocation is neither educational nor therapeutic ;
  • All activities pertaining to Ciné-ma différence are non-religious and non-political.

Principles for organising the Ciné-ma différence shows

The organisation of the film shows includes first of all a friendly welcoming and briefing for all the spectators :

  • this warm and respectful welcoming is provided by an adequate number of trained volunteers who are present from the entrance to the exit of the movies, and easy to recognise with their distinctive reflective vests worn at all showings throughout the Ciné-ma différence network ;
  • information about the show is given individually to each spectator entering the cinema, and is then presented to everyone in a brief announcement just before the film starts. This is completed by the following measures :
  • a movie theatre accessible to people with reduced mobility ;
  • affordable ticket pricing ;
  • sensitized cinema staff ;
  • films in 2D
  • progressive light switch-off at the beginning of the projection ;
  • reduced sound levels to increase comfort for sensitive ears.

The enforcement of these principles makes it possible for the movie shows to take place in a reassuring and enjoyable way ; it is a priority for those wishing to join the Ciné-ma différence network.

Download the Ciné-ma différence charter

Cine ma difference Charter -  PDF - 42.7 ko
Cine ma difference Charter

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