Sandrine Bonnaire, our patron

Patron of Ciné-ma différence

Letter of support

photo de Sandrine Bonnaire pour Ciné-ma différence lettre de soutien de Sandrine Bonnaire

Paris, February 1st 2007

Dear all,

I support the wonderful project of Ciné-ma différence because it is obvious that every disabled or different person should have the right to culture, entertainment, and exchange.

Everyone has the right to be connected to a social life according to ones abilities.

With my support, my respect and my friendship.

Sandrine Bonnaire

Her first film as a director : « Elle s’appelle Sabine » (Her Name is Sabine)

affiche du film Elle s'appelle SabineSynopsis : A portrait of Sabine < sc> Bonnaire , autistic, made ​​by her closest sister. Her story through personal archives , filmed by the actress over a period of 25 years and testimony of her life today in a suitable structure.

This documentary film recalls an endearing personality whose development and multiple talents were crushed by a failed care system.

After going through a tragic five five long years in a psychiatric hospital, Sabine regains a taste for life in a foster home in the Charente, even if her abilities remain affected.

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