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It’s through this strong message that Ciné-ma difference and TBWA\PARIS wish to raise public awareness on the importance of welcoming autistic people suffering severe behavioural disorders into cinemas.

The cinema, the first ever cultural leisure, is still very difficult to access for people whose disability leads to behavioural problems. At the first belated or unexpected applause, at the first cry or laugh, the first "sit-stand" on the chair, pitying or aggressive looks, followed by criticisms rapidly force out of the room the family who dared expose themselves in a public place. The result ? What was supposed to be a fun treat became a humiliating ordeal. And which quite often puts an end to any attempts at a family outing.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of the law for equal rights and opportunities, as well as those of the Ciné-ma difference association, TBWA\Paris has devised a film to create public awareness about a cause that deserves to be heard, in equal measure to all the others. For there are no small exceptions.

Produced by Control Films and beautifully directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, "In the role of" draws attention to an issue we rarely think about. The character is played by Stéphane Guérin autistic himself, but above all is a wonderful comedian of the troupe of the “Théâtre du Cristal”.

The arrangement of the premises is not the only answer for the disabled. Accessibility in general - and especially at the cinema - is often regarded as merely a technical and practical issue. Yet, for some categories of disabled people, the technicality of accessibility is not an appropriate or adequate response, it is a human response that is needed, and a welcoming one is of utmost importance.

Ciné-ma difference has devised a plan adapted for film sessions, open to all (people WITH and WITHOUT disability), for an audience who is usually excluded from it. The Ciné-ma difference network is now present in 30 cities in France and 1 in Belgium and is approaching its 1000th projection.

The purpose of this movie : to highlight this exclusion and the need to share cinema and other cultural activities in order, that eventually, Ciné-ma difference will no longer be necessary !

Press contact : Catherine MORHANGE +33 (0)1 71 20 22 64 catherine.morhange chez cinemadifference.com


Advertiser : Ciné-ma différence

Advertising Agency : TBWA\PARIS

Advertiser Supervisor : Nicolas Guéchot

Account Handlers : Anne Vincent, Lara de Nattes

Creative Director : Jean-François Goize

Art Director : Sébastien Guinet

Copywriter : Josselin Pacreau

Art Director Assistant : Audrey Lucet

Media : Pierre Draber

Head of TV : Maxime Boiron

Agency TV Producers : Emilie Prud’homme – Mathilde Nanot-Lachkar

Production Company : Control Films – Hervé Dommange& Jacques-Etienne Stein

Director : Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre

Actor : Stéphane Guérin – Théâtre du Cristal

Post-Production : Mikros Image

Editor : Julien Vaugelade Head of Sound

Production : Olivier Lefebvre Sound

Director : Thomas Anduze Sound Engineer : Anaïs Khout

Music Art Director : Philippe Mineur

Coordination : Thomas Jacquet

Music Rights : Marie Roche, Barthélemy Ponsot

Music from Philippe Rombi (© 2007 Haute Fidélité / ℗ 2007 Fidélité Films) With the kind authorization of Philippe Rombi and Fidélité Films.

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