For the general public

Going to the movies is emblematic, it is an easy foothold for everyone to become aware of the exclusion of the disabled and to seek remedies together.

By proposing film shows mixing all publics, Ciné-ma difference creates opportunities to meet and share a nice film experience between different sensibilities and different life courses.

Ciné-ma difference film shows are also set up during Film Festivals so as to encourage the presence of a disabled public and to raise the awareness of the other movie goers, picture fans and film professionals.


Once they understand the principle after the short cartoon, the general public’s reaction is very positive. A real awareness of the difficulties experienced by some and acknowledgement of the need for such film shows.

Forcalquier organizer

This morning when I had my walk on Rue de Passy, I went to the cinema to find out about the program. I discovered there was a Buster Keaton program which I am very fond of. But I did not know that this show would welcome disabled persons.
I came out of the show enthusiastic, it was exceptional in all respects. I wish to thank you for this moment I shared with you.
I had come alone to this show and left overjoyed and with very good memories.

A Parisian filmgoer

The most interesting reaction came from the film receptionist who radically changed his outlook on disability in general and on autism in particular, after regular encounters with our audience.